Faculty and Staff

PD Dr. Dimitra Tsovaltzi

Interreg V A project "European Center of Competence and Knowledge in Border Studies"

UniGR-Center for Border Studies

Building A 5.3, room 2.08
E-mail: dimitra.tsovaltzi[at]mx.uni-saarland.de
Phone: +49 681 302 2214

Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimitra-tsovaltzi-7180039/

Research and Teaching Interests (Recent)

  • Socio-Cognitive Factors of Learning with Technologies
  • Learner Support with Technologies / Educational Technology / Digital Learning
  • Identity formation (in Learning Technologies)
  • Emotions and Embodiment in Technology-Enhanced Learning
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Argumentative Learning
  • Theory vs. Practice in Educational Technology



Habilitation (post-doctoral degree), Educational Technology and Knowledge Management, Faculty of Social and Applied Human Sciences (Empirische Humanwissenschaften), Saarland University
Habilitation Treatise: Argumentative Knowledge Construction in Social Media: Supporting Social and Cognitive Learning Processes. Venia Legendi Learning Sciences

Ph.D., (interdisciplinary) awarded by the department of Informatics in collaboration with the Learning Sciences, Saarland University.
Ph.D. Thesis Menon: Automating a Socratic Teaching Model (Research area. Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Modelling of schema theory for problem solving),
Masters of Science in Cognitive Science and Natural Language Processing, School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh
MA Thesis: Formalising Hinting in Tutorial Dialogues

Education Studies, Dep. of Philosophy, Science of Education, and Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Bachelor in European Philosophy, Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge Campus
BA Thesis: The Dispute between Derrida and Searl (Philosophy of Language, Speech Act Theory, Deconstruction)


Previous Appointments

Principle Researcher and lecturer, Faculty member, Learning Sciences, Faculty of Social and Applied Human Sciences, dep. of Educational Technology, Saarland University

Postdoc research position (Habilitation), Educational Technology and Knowledge Management, Learning Sciences, Faculty of Social and Applied Human Sciences (Empirische Humanwissenschaften), Saarland University

Research staff, ActiveMath group, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Saarbrücken

Research assistant, dep. of Computer Science, Saarland University

Empirical research staff dep. of Computational Linguistics, in the Faculty of Language, Literature, and Cultural Sciences, Saarland University


Scholarships and Distinctions

Academic Travel Scholarship, Earli SIG Workshops on “Current and emerging technologies in research for human learning and interaction” and on “Co-creation for future learning environment”, University of Oulu, October 2019, Finland

Academic Exchange Scholarship DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) for the International Conference of the Learning Sciences, June 2016

Awarded paper Naomi Miyake Best Student Paper Award in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning conference, CSCL 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden. Co-advisor and second author.

Scholarship for the Annual PSLC Learn-Lab Summer School, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA 

Academic Travel Scholarship for the AIED ’03 (Artificial Intelligence in Education) conference, Sydney, Australia

EPSRC scholarship for the Masters of Science Cognitive Science and Natural Language Processing, University of Edinburgh. Award Reference Number: 00401365


Projects and Funding

Orchestrating argumentative knowledge construction in social networking sites GIF, German Israeli Foundation (German partner DFG).

ALoE: Online Learning with Erroneous Examples DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft)

CoChemEx: Supporting Conceptual Learning in Chemistry through Collaboration Scripts and Adaptive, Online Support

PSLC (Pittsburgh Science Learning Center) at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

DIALOG, Tutorial dialog with a mathematical assistant system follow-up proposal

DFG, SFB (Sonderforschungsbereich), Collaborative Research Centre 378 for Resource-adaptive Cognitive Processes

Academic Exchange Scholarship (German Academic Exchange Service) for the International Conference of the Learning Sciences, June 2016.


Community Service

Chair Membership Committee ISLS (International Society of the Learning Sciences)

Lead for newly  launched ISLS Regional and Affinity Outreach and Engagement Program, to support underrepresented regional and thematic heterogeneity in the ISLS community

Chair Social Media for the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference 2019, Lyon

Chair of Bridges and Communications Sub-Committee of the ISLS (International Society of the Learning Sciences) Membership Committee Learning Sciences)

Antidiscrimination seminar at the University of Saarland for the students of the master’s Educational Technology in collaboration with the group Forschungs- und Transferstelle für Gesellschaftliche Integration und Migration GIM/FITT gGmbH (Research and transfer agent for societal integration and migration)

23rd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Selected Publications

Tsovaltzi, D., Judele, R., Puhl, T., & Weinberger, A. (2017), Leveraging social networking sites for knowledge co-construction: Positive effects of argumentation structure, but premature knowledge consolidation after individual preparation, Learning and Instruction, doi.org/10.1016/j.learninstruc.2017.06.004

Tsovaltzi, D., Judele, R., Puhl, T., & Weinberger, A. (2015). Scripts, individual preparation and group awareness support in the service of learning in Facebook: How does CSCL compare to social networking sites? Computers in Human Behavior, 53, 577-592. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2015.04.067

Puhl, T., Tsovaltzi, D., & Weinberger, A. (2015). Blending Facebook into seminars for practicing argumentation. Computers in Human Behavior 53, 605-616. doi: 10.1016/j.chb.2015.04.006 

Tsovaltzi, D., Greenhow, C., & Asterhan, C. (2015). When friends argue: Learning from and through social network site discussions. Computers in Human Behavior, 53, 567-569. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2015.08.021 (Special Issue/ Editorial)

Tsovaltzi, D., Puhl, T., Judele, R. & Weinberger, A. (2014). Group awareness support and argumentation scripts for individual preparation of arguments in Facebook. Computers & Education, 76, 108-118, doi.org/10.1016/j.compedu.2014.03.012

Tsovaltzi, D., Melis, E., McLaren, B. M. & Meyer, A.-K. (2012). Erroneous examples: effects on learning fractions in a web-based setting. Int. J. of Technology Enhanced Learning (IJTEL) 4(3/4), 191- 230. doi.org/10.1504/IJTEL.2012.051583

Tsovaltzi, D., Rummel, N., McLaren, B.M., Pinkwart, N., Scheuer, O., Harrer, A. & Isabel Braun, I. (2010). Extending a virtual chemistry laboratory with a collaboration script to promote conceptual learning. Int. J. Technology Enhanced Learning (IJTEL), 2(1/2), pp. 91–110. doi.org/10.1504/IJTEL.2010.031262.