A Collaboration

Live(s) on the Mississippi 2010

Live(s) on the Mississippi


An Ongoing Project

Live(s) on the Mississippi 2010


TAD is supported by a number of individuals and institutions. The collaborators kindly want to express their gratitude to: 

  • Saarland University (Competence Center VISU and Tuition Compensation Fees)
  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange)
  • U.S. Embassy Vienna
  • University of Vienna (the Rectorate)
  • Bradley University (International Programs)


General objectives:

  • To enable students to function as mediators between cultures 




  • Identity, non-essentialism, contextualism
  • Space, place, nation, and region



Students at Bradley University and the University of Vienna share:

  • reading assignments
  • e-learning platforms and exchanges
  • lectures and team-teaching
  • auto-ethnographic writing assignments and classroom presentations