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Betreute Dissertationen


Massey, Claire. "Running Hand-in-Hand – The Librotraficantes Mapping Cultural Resistance in the US Mexico Borderlands" (Saarland University)


Schneider, Lena. "The Transcultural Feminist Grotesque: Embodiment in Contemporary Anglophone Literatures" (Saarland University)


Bernardi, Verena. "Us Versus Them, or We? Post-2000 Vampiric Reflections of Family, Home and Hospitality in True Blood and The Originals" (Saarland University)

Gerhards, Lea. "Gender and Sexuality in Paranormal Romance: The Postfeminist Agenda of Contemporary Vampire Narratives" (Saarland University)


Seibel, Svetlana. "'Personal Totems': The Poetics of the Popular in Contemporary Indigenous Popular Culture in North America" (Saarland University)


Lippert, Leopold. "Performing America Abroad: The Politics of Transnationalism in the Age of Neoliberal Difference" (University of Vienna)


Fennesz, Katrin. "The Becoming of Space/Place: Shifting Paradigms of Un/Mappable Spatiality in Contemporary North American Fiction" (University of Vienna)

Kohlenberger, Judith. "The Formula for Cool: Legitimating Technoscience in Contemporary US-American Popular Culture" (University of Vienna)

Kohler-Golly, Katja. "'Location is everything': The Concept of Space in John Updike's Rabbit Tetralogy and Richard Ford's Bascombe Trilogy" (Saarland University)

Tutschek, Elisabeth. "Dimension lapsisée: Revised Subjectivity in Québécois Women’s Narratives" (Saarland University)


Novakova, Viera. "Gender Identities in Contemporary American Pop-Culture" (Safarik University, Kosice/Slovakia)

Wiedlack, Katharina. "'We're Punk as Fuck and Fuck Like Punks': Queer-Feminist Counter-Cultures, Punk Music and the Anti-Social Turn in Queer Theory" (University of Vienna)


Bauch, Marc. "Europäische Einflüsse im amerikanischen Musical" (Saarland University)

Hinterkörner, Maria. "'Kiwi' Masculinities in New Zealand Short Stories" (University of Vienna)