The Bio-Politics of Borders in Times of Crisis

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Project Description

Project Description


Research meeting 2019 in Saarbrücken

Symposium 2019 in Mykolajiv

Workshop 2018 in Saarbrücken

American Studies Graduate Forum 2018 "Cultural Borderlands"

1st international virtual conference on cultural studies: Languages, literatures, and cultural studies: Sites and insights, January 15-17, 2016

Valeriia Biloshapko, M.A.

Valeriia Biloshapko is a lecturer of the Polish language in the Petro Mohyla Black See State University. She graduated from Petro Mohyla Black See State University, Mykolaiv (Ukraine, 2014) with an M.A. in English Language and Polish and M.A. in Psychology (2020). Her M.A. thesis was focused on Motive of cruelty in the book of Anthony Burgess Clockwork Orange and in psychology Language Barriers in Behavior and their Overcoming in Psychological Practice. From 2016 she is a member of NAWA polish examination commission. She took part in scientific topic of Ukrainian philology and intercultural department National discourse and cultural code of the Black See frontier. She is a member of Polish cultural society and lecturer.

Classes Taught

Polish language, Polish language and culture.

Teaching Interests 

Comparative aspects of literary analysis

Project Related Publications

Mozolevska, A. Constructing borders and identities in Political Discourse: 2019 Ukrainian Presidential Electioneering Borders, Identity and Memory in Media Studies,  Unipapress, Palermo – P.  103-125 (2020).

Khmel, A. & Mozolevska, A. Catalonia and Catalans in Carles Puigdemont Political Discourse: In Search of National Identity. Skhidnoievropeiskyi Istorychnyi Visnyk [East European Historical Bulletin], 14, 214-224. (2020).

Mozolevska, A & Polishchuk O. Construction of Borders and Walls in Contemporary Ukrainian Literature (Analysis of Oleksandr Irvanets’ and Taras Antypovych Novels) Altre Modernità, n. 25 (maggio):251-69. (2021).

Research Interests

Modern Polish literature.