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Intercultural Communication in Border Regions

Introducing the project - our origin, work, and goals!

Within the framework of the "Cooperation Platform Europe", which Saarland University (UdS) and Saarland University of Applied Sciences (htw saar) have jointly established, the project "Intercultural Communication in Border Regions" (funded since 01/01/2022) aims to tap interdisciplinary potential for sustainable cooperation(s) in the context of the Greater Region/UniGr between the two universities (Head: Prof. Dr. Astrid Fellner/UdS, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Jensen/htw saar). The long-term project goal of "Intercultural Communication in Border Regions" is the bundling and networking of people by making their projects visible as well as the (future) interfaces of the two universities in the field of intercultural communication in teaching and research. This opens up new study and training-related needs as well as research topics in the "Greater Region Cooperation Area". From the project results so far (incl. online student survey), the necessity of linking study contents with the requirements of professional activity in the border region can also be derived (border region as labor market). The aim of the project group "IC border regions" is also to take on a multiplier function by making visible best practice examples for the implementation of IC content in study programs and to adopt an intercultural perspective on the ground in research and everyday study life as well.